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  Smoking may be a pleasure for some people. 1 ,it is a serious source of 2 for their fellows. Now medical authorities express their 3 about the effect of smoking 4 the health not only of those who smoke but also those who do not . 5 ,nonsmokers who must 6 inhale the air polluted by tobacco smoke may 7 more than the smokers themselves.

  As you are 8 informed, a considerable number of students have 9 in a effort to 10 the university to 11 smoking in the classroom. I believe they are 12 right in their aim. However, I would hope that it is 13 to achieve this by calling 14 the smokers to use good judgment and show concern for other 15 than by regulation.

  Smoking is 16 by city bylaws in theatres and in halls used for showing films as well as in laboratories where there may be a fire hazard. 17 , it is up to you good 18 .

  I am therefore asking you to 19 “No smoking” in the auditoriums, classrooms and seminar rooms. This will prove that you have the nonsmoker’s health and well-being 20 ,which is very important to a large number of our students.

  1. A. HenceB. HoweverC. Anyway D. Furthermore

  2. A. joyB. discomfortC. convenienceD. relief

  3. A. considerationB. attentionC. belief D. concern

  4. A. againstB. forC. inD. on

  5. A. In consequenceB. On the other handC. In factD. After all

  6. A. instinctivelyB. instantlyC. spontaneouslyD. reluctantly

  7. A. sufferB. subjectC. submitD. sustain

  8. A. certainB. sureC. doubtlessD. right

  9. A. enteredB. joinedC. attendedD. involved

  10. A. reasonB. persuade C. argueD. suggest

  11. A. stopB. objectC. banD. prevent

  12. A. entirelyB. likelyC. generallyD. possibly

  13. A. likelyB. probableC. properD. possible

  14. A. outB. forC. onD. up

  15. A. ratherB. betterC. moreD. other

  16. A. prohibitedB. protectedC. reservedD. cleared

  17. A. FurthermoreB. ConsequentlyC. NeverthelessD. Elsewhere

  18. A. ideaB. dutyC. senseD. responsibility

  19. A. persistB. maintainC. stickD. adhere

  20. A. in mindB. in headC. in heartD. in memory

  1. 【答案】B. However

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配. however 然而,正合题意。hence 因此;anyway(=in any case, at any rate) 无论如何;furthermore 而且,此外。根据逻辑意思应选 B. However。

  2. 【答案】B. discomfort

  【解析】本题测试逻辑型词义搭配. 从上文意思看,上句有pleasure 一词,however 表示语气转折,可见后面应选 discomfort, 形成对照。

  3. 【答案】D. concern

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. express one’s concern about(or for, over)表达对….的关心,顾虑:1)He didn’t show much concern about (or for) it.

  2) The Prime Minister expressed his concern over the strike that had lasted for two months or so.

  consideration 考虑,思考:1) Your proposal is now under consideration. (你的建议正在考虑中。) 2) You should take these facts into consideration.

  attention 注意:pay attention to, give attention to, devote attention to, draw attention to (吸引对…..的注意),attract one’s attention(吸引某人的注意力)。

  belief (in) 相信,信赖:I have great belief in his ability to succeed. 可见,consideration, attention 与 belief 均不切题。

  4. 【答案】D. on

  【解析】本题测试结构搭配. The effect of smoking on the health 吸烟对健康的影响。

  5. 【答案】C. In fact

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配.in fact 事实上,实际上。从上下文的意思来看,正合题意。in consequence 因此,on the other hand 另一方面,after all 毕竟,均不符合题意。

  6. 【答案】D. reluctantly

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. reluctantly 勉强的;instinctively 本能的,天生的;spontaneously 自发地;instantly 立即。可见,reluctantly 正合题意。

  7. 【答案】A. suffer

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. suffer vt./vi. 遭受,受到;正合题意。subject…to 使……受到…..:He was subjected to severe criticism.

  submit vt. 1) 提交:We have submitted your request to the committee. 2) (与to 连用) vt./vi. 服从,听任:I refuse to submit (myself) to his control.

  sustain vt. 1) 支撑: These two posts sustain the whole roof. 2) 经受,承受:She sustained a great loss in the death of her husband. 从上下文的逻辑意思和词义搭配来看,suffer 是正确的选择。

  8. 【答案】C. doubtless

  【解析】本题测试结构型词义搭配. doubtless 是副词,意为“一定,肯定,无疑”,例如 :1) It was doubtless his own fault. 2) John will doubtless come on time as he always dose.

  certain, sure, right 均为形容词,从语法结构上就可以排除这些选项。

  9. 【答案】B. joined

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. join 参加(某个组织):He joined the army last year.

  join in 参加(某种活动):1) The girl, Mary, joined in the conversation. 2) May I join in the game? enter 1)进入:He entered the sitting-room. 2) 参加,到…..里面工作:I refused to enter the discussion. 可见本题用entered 不妥,因为它是及物动词。3) enter into 开始(谈话,讨论等) :He entered into an explanation. 4)enter for 报名参加:I shall enter for the new competition. attend 在搭配关系与逻辑意思上均不符合本题题意。如用involve,则需用被动态, be involved in 参加。例如:Many workers were involved in the strikes in 1946.(许多工人参加了1946年的大罢工。) 2) He is involved in a lot of extra work.(他参加了许多额外的工作。) attend vt. 出席:He attended the meeting yesterday.

  10. 【答案】B. persuade

  【解析】本题测试结构型词义搭配. persuade sb. to do sth. 说服某人做某事。

  reason vt. 通过讲道理是某人做某事,含有“说服”的意思,其搭配关系是:reason sb. into doing sth. 1) Let’s reason him into joining us. 2) I managed to reason him into complying with the traffic regulations. (我和他讲道理让他遵守交通规则。)

  argue sb.into doing sth. 通过争论让某人做某事:They tried to argue him into joining them. suggest 后不能接sb. to do sth., 但可以接sb.’s doing sth., 例如:I suggested his staying instead of going there.

  11. 【答案】C. ban

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. 虽然,ban, stop, object to, prevent 后均可以接动名词,但含义不同。ban 禁止:1) We will ban all smoking in our club. 2) Smoking is banned here in the train. stop 停止,阻止:The heavy rain has stopped them (or their) playing golf.

  object to 反对:1) I strongly objected to being treated like a child.2) I object to your saying that. 3) She objected to us keeping animals.

  prevent 防止,阻止:1) Of course, I can’t prevent your going. 2) A sever cold prevented him (from) attending the meeting. 3) We must preventing the rumor from spreading. 根据题意,只能选C. ban 才符合题意。

  12. 【答案】A. entirely

  【解析】本题测试结构型词义搭配. entirely(= completely in degree)完全的:The goods were entirely unfit for sale. Entirely 常常修饰形容词,强调程度上“完全地”。generally 一般来说,从上下文逻辑关系来看,用generally不妥,因为说话者的态度是很明确,坚定的,故用entirely. likely 可能(发生)的;possibly 可能地,均不切题。

  13. 【答案】D. possible

  【解析】本题测试结构型词义搭配.It is likely to do sth., It is right to do sth. 和 It is probable to do sth.都是错误的,应该用下列句型:It is likely that …..和 It is probable that ….. 可见本题只能选possible.

  14. 【答案】C. on

  【解析】本题测试惯用搭配. call on sb. to do sth. 号召某人做某事:The president called on his people to make sacrifice for the good of their country. call for sth. 需要;call sb. up 给某人打电话。

  15. 【答案】A. rather

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配.rather than 是选择连词,意为:而不是。

  16. 【答案】A. prohibited

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. prohibited sth. or sb. from doing sth.禁止或阻止某人做某事。prohibit 的其他搭配关系有:1) Many firms prohibit smoking in their shops. 2) Picking flowers in the park is prohibited. 3) His small size prohibited his becoming a policeman. 此句中的prohibit 意为“阻止”。4) Passengers are prohibited from smoking in the waiting-room. (禁止旅客在候车室里吸烟。)

  17. 【答案】D. Elsewhere

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配. elsewhere(=in, at, to some other place) 在别处,到别处。

  18. 【答案】C. sense

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配.sense 意识,观念;此句中意为“修养”。


  19. 【答案】B. maintain

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. maintain 保持,主张;正合题意。persist in 坚持:Don’t persist in doing what you shouldn’t.

  stick to 坚持,坚持干,遵循:1) I stick to what I said yesterday. 2) He will stick to his task until it is finished. 3) Flying is simple if you stick to the rule.

  adhere to 坚持,奉行:adhere to the reform and opening-up policy.

  20. 【答案】A. in mind

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. have sb./sth. in mind 心中想着某人或某事: I don’t know who he has in mind for the job. (我不知道他心中想把这项工作交给谁干)